Marvin - UX Designer

A User Experience Designer from Parsons School of Design 🗽, fascinated by the 💼 business value of design.

Spec Work (5 days) - Proposed Google Chrome Redesign. Preliminary findings suggest a decrease in navigation time by 30-40%(calculated by comparing the time taken for 25 participants to find 10 tabs in the original and new design), and will, ceteris paribus, increase the number of tabs before we begin to see dead screens by 71%.

Client Work (6 weeks) - Dylan, an iOS app to help millennials track and plan their finances. The project has a focus on integrating branding and UI design into the UX workflow.

Personal Work (31 days) - A different style everyday. That was the challenge I set myself for Inktober. As a secondary goal, I wanted to explore how text can interact with a drawing, so I incorporated at least a character, and a word in each.

About me

Hi, thank you for visiting! I am Marvin, a UX designer from Parsons School of Design.

I believe in Product development - because I love making things, the business value of design - because the things I build should have an impact, and data - because there needs to be a way to evaluate the impact. To pursue the direction, I am partaking in “Applications of Digital Analytics and Product Management Strategies in UX Processes”, a 5 week workshop (Nov-Dec) privately organized by Daniel James, who previously held positions at BCG (Consultant), Goldman Sachs (Analyst), and Capital One Labs (Director of Product Management). Using analytics to drive UX processes, and focuing on metric interpretation helped quantify the impact of design immensely.

In my last three years as a college student, I spent a lot of time exploring different fields, honing my design capabilities along the way. I learnt to manage semester-long projects (HKU Architecture 2016-2018) - to handle photography professionally (New York Fashion Week 2018 F/W Workshop) - the conventions of branding (Constant, Creative Intern Summer 2018) - as well as the fundamentals of UX (General Assembly UX Design Circuit Summer 2018). My major in illustration at Parsons School of Design supports my experimentation in visual communication.

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